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Zeta abdominale (Drury, 1770)


  • Sphex abdominalis Drury, 1770
  • Eumenes abdominalis (Drury, 1770)
  • Vespa attenuata Fabricius, 1775
  • Sphex extensa Christ, 1791
  • Eumenes colona Saussure, 1852
  • Eumenes abdominalis colona Saussure, 1852
  • Eumenes ornatus Saussure, 1855
  • Eumenes abdominalis ornata Saussure, 1855
  • Zeta abdominale ornatus (Saussure, 1855)
  • Zeta abdominale hispaniolae (Bequaert & Salt, 1931)
  • Zethus abdominalis hispaniolae (Bequaert & Salt, 1931)
  • Eumenes abdominalis hispaniolae Bequaert & Salt, 1931


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