About the Fauna de Cuba

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Museo de Ciencias Naturales de CaibarienThe Fauna de Cuba is a project of the Natural History Museum of CaibariƩn (Cuba) to bring together all information of species living in Cuba in one database and on one webpage. It is an incomprehensive list that will be completed step by step. By now there are still some major groups of terrestrial animals missing and those have to be added in one of the next versions.

The goals of the project Fauna de Cuba are the following:

  • providing an updated list of all animals living in Cuba
  • having at least one picture of each species
  • completing the reference list with important citations for the cuban fauna
  • analysing all publications dealing with the conservation status of cuban species
  • collecting common names at least in spanish and english

Technical implementation

Hymenoptera Information System

The Fauna de Cuba is based on the database structure developed within HymIS (Hymenoptera Information System). Also the web presentation of Fauna de Cuba built on modules developed within the HymIS project to facilitate the creation of thematic webpages for hymenoptera species. But, as you can see in the Fauna de Cuba, the developed tools can be used not only for webpages dealing with bees and wasps.


Te list of species does not claim to be complete. It is updated regulary, but still may have mistakes or missing species. So please send an E-mail if you see any kind of mistake or error.