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Lysiphlebus testaceipes (Cresson, 1879)


  • Aphidius testaceipes (Cresson, 1879)
  • Trioxys testaceipes Cresson, 1879
  • Aphidius citraphis Ashmead, 1880
  • Adialytus maidaphidis Garman, 1885
  • Aphidius flavicoxa Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus persicaphidis Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus coquilletti Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus gossypii Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus piceiventris Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus tritici Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus eragrostaphidis Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus baccharaphidis Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus myzi Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus minutus Ashmead, 1888
  • Aphidaria basilaris Provancher, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus abutilaphidis Ashmead, 1888
  • Lysiphlebus curcurbitaphidis Ashmead, 1889
  • Aphidius persiaphis Cook, 1891
  • Aphidius chrysoaphidis Smith, 1944


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